Everest carbon fibre cordovan case by Miyamoto
Everest carbon fibre cordovan briefcase by Miyamoto
Everest carbon fibre cordovan case by Miyamoto
Everest carbon fibre cordovan case by Miyamoto

EVEREST. Eccentric and contemporary, yet classic.

The made-to-order carbon fibre briefcase to carry your essentials.

1/3 smaller than a common briefcase, the Everest was designed to hold your tablet computer, critical documents and other small requisites. It was created for those who have reached a pinnacle where the focus is on what’s truly necessary, and the pace demands travelling light.

The shell is moulded carbon fibre, making the Everest much lighter and stronger than the traditional wooden shell. A coated cotton canvas covers the exterior to provide a more restrained appearance. The interior reveals the herringbone weave carbon, custom-woven, hand-laid and tinted in Ruby Red.

The shell cordovan handle and corners are selected, cut, stitched and finished by hand. We stitch using 100% linen thread that is first passed through a block of beeswax.

The estimated delivery lead time is 12 weeks. Price: EUR 11.000 excluding VAT or EUR 13.310 including VAT.

The Everest is handmade one at a time in Germany.

We offer discreet personalisation that does not scream but instead, whispers. Please enquire for further details.


Canvas coated carbon fibre composite shell:

Carbon fibre sandwich-structured composite bonded, hand-laid and tinted Ruby Red in Germany.

Carbon fibre spun in Germany and Japan, custom-woven in Germany.

Coated cotton canvas: woven, polyurethane coated and printed in Italy.

Vulcan fibre strips: Spain.

Trims, fittings and accessory:

Shell cordovan handle and corners: tanned in the USA; cut, sewn and finished all by hand in France.

Calfskin pocket: vegetable-tanned, cut and finished by hand in France.

Palladium-plated brass fittings: milled, plated and finished in Italy.

Tonal linen thread spun and dyed in France.

Dimensions and weight:

External dimensions: 

L34 cm x W26 cm x H9 cm (13 ⅜” x 10 ¼” x 3 ½”), excluding handle. 

L34 cm x W34 cm x H9 cm (13 ⅜” x 13 ⅜” x 3 ½”), including handle.

Internal dimensions: 

L31 cm x W23.5 cm x H6 cm (12 ⅕” x 9 ¼” x 2 ⅜”).

Weight: approximately 1.6 kg (3 ½ lbs).

Everest carbon fibre cordovan briefcase by Miyamoto

29th March 2019