A window to our soul

Maison Miyamoto Fine Requisites

To many outside of Japan, the phonetic sequence of Miyamoto can be alien, making it difficult to remember or tempting to confuse it with other names like Yamamoto. Furthermore, four syllables can be a lot to process and retain when the name is unfamiliar. The left side of our brains had questioned the practicality of trading under our family name. How will people Google our name if they have difficulties recalling it?

We tried to come up with a name that would be easier for more people to remember. However, we concluded that the only suitable trading name is our family name.

We wanted to create delightful products that are true to us, authentic in every sense.

We also believe that trading under our family name will keep us honest and principled.

A peek into our soul: a statement of intent, an expression of our aspirations and a compass.

In four syllables.