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Maison Miyamoto Fine Requisites

Our house seal was hand carved and hand finished by third generation master stamp maker Kei Koizumi. His atelier, Koizumi Konando in Kyoto, Japan, was founded more than 130 years ago, and he has been practising the craft for more than 60 years. In 2004, he was formally recognised by the Japanese government as a Contemporary Master Craftsman (現代の名工). In 2009, HM Emperor Akihito awarded him the Medal of Honour with Yellow Ribbon (黄綬褒章) for being an outstanding citizen in his trade.

Master Koizumi, a most delightful, charming and humble man, gave us considerable time to define the specifications for our seal. We researched the exact font style to be carved. Then, we decided on the material, Satsuma boxwood (薩摩本柘) from Kagoshima in southern Japan, for its warmth and depth of colour, lustre, and most of all, for its dense grain to ensure longevity. We are honoured to have had our seal made by Master Koizumi.