Our carbon fibre weave

Maison Miyamoto Fine Requisites herringbone carbon fibre

We use two types of weaves for our carbon fibre.

The exterior of the Dulcinea and the interior of the Everest are in a herringbone pattern that is woven especially for us. Carbon fibre fabrics are commonly manufactured in a 2 by 2 twill weave or plain weave. Although the herringbone is a type of twill weave (its more formal name is “reversed broken twill”), the loom needs to be set up differently.

It takes our weavers in Germany one entire work day to adjust the loom settings to start weaving our fabric. Similarly, once they are finished with ours, it takes them one entire work day to revert to their standard 2×2 settings.

It is not about minimising process cycle time, minimising cost, maximising scale and maximising profit. Rather, it is about delighting your refined senses at the same time as delivering on quality, as we do with each component. One piece at a time, our way, to make your heart sing.

The other weave that we use in making the Everest is the 2 by 2 twill. The shell of the Everest has a “sandwich” construction, and the 2×2 twill is concealed under the coated canvas.

Our sandwich construction is explained in another article.